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Putting It All Together

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 Second Semester Projects


Once you have completed the first three six weeks' lesson plans which accompany your textbook, The Visual Experience, you are now ready to apply your skills to larger scale drawing and more challenging color techniques. The images which are provided here are a starting point for you to expand your creative skills.


Click on this link to see some of the images that you will be working with. You may download them and print them full size from the right side menu bar.

semester exercises.jpg


First, here are some basic review exercises which focus on using the square grid to assist drawing accuracy. You may download and print the basic 4 x 4 grid that the exercises require, and then download the 4 x 6 grid which will be useful for more complex compositions.




grid_with diagonals.jpg 




Use the square grid to practice drawing these images with a soft pencil such as a #6B, Ebony, or Layout Pencil. You might also want to experiment with a woodless graphite pencil or a charcoal pencil. UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED IN CLASS, ALL DRAWINGS SHOULD BE COMPLETED ON AN 8" X 8" GRID WITH EACH SQUARE = 2" x 2". All of the printable grids above have 2" squares ready for drawing.







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